27 December 2007

iT wAs 2 bRinG pEacE...

it was to bring peace that Christ was born...
what did we do with it?

(click on the title and watch a little movie on YouTube which needs no more words)

19 December 2007

oNe mOrE rAnDoM tHoUgHt...

I've been quiet and silent lately... wandering around in the depths of my thoughts and feelings... I love thinking... I love the beauty of seasons and rhythms and how we can appreciate every different one... it has been freezing here...literally, and two days ago the rain finally started to pour from heaven... perfect season for retreat and solitude... to let the hermit in me awake :-) and allow myself to give it some space...
So, here goes one more thought that just popped up in my mind now... about worship :

We don't worship God
because we need to,
nor because we need to get something from HIm,
if we worship like this,
we're worshipping
with the wrong motivation...
And also,
God doesn't
need our worship,
(even though some may say so),
He is God,
whether if He's worshipped
or not ...
But we should worship God
simply because He is Worthy,
and Him Alone !
Worship is not about
a meeting either,
is not about playing instruments
and singing songs...
these might be simply expressions sometimes...
Worship is a life style,
is a total surrender
to God's Lordship,
it's an offered sacrifice
of our whole lives,
ready to be burnt
by The Spirit on the altar...
it is to choose not to live
as the world commands,
but allowing God
to constantly renew our minds
before the acknowledgment
that He is Holy
in every single moment
of our lives...
This, for me,

04 December 2007

rAndOm tHoUgHt iN tHe miDdLe oF ThE NiGhT...

for many years
I was trying to destroy
many boxes I was put in...
by people,
by society,
by culture,
by religion,
by myself...
in the end,
it was just me
and I felt free...
I end up in a wide open space
and God was there
all over
and inside me...